The truth about Camille Étienne’s pregnancy

Celebrity love affairs never cease to fuel discussion on social media, and Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied’s complex relationship is no exception.

Social media has become the playground of speculation, with allegations that the actress broke up with the father of her children over a possible affair between Benjamin and a certain Camille Étienne, a 25-year-old environmental activist, who would be pregnant.
But this noise does not seem credible.

Rumors swell on digital platforms, reporting an alleged pregnancy of Camille Étienne.

“Natalie Portman was dating Benjamin Millepied when he was living with ballerina Isabella Boylston in 2009! Benjamin cheated on Natalie with a 25-year-old Camille Étienne! Poor children! The mistress is pregnant! #Karma #onceacheateralwaysacheater?? “, is it in particular commented. There are many posts in this direction.

Last June, The Mirror claimed that Natalie Portman would face turbulence in her relationship with Benjamin Millepied because of these persistent rumors of deception. Information circulates indicating that the choreographer and director would have been unfaithful with a younger woman, Camille Étienne.

Although speculation surrounding their relationship persists, it seems the dancer is determined to right any wrongs he may have caused. Relatives indicate that the couple would always try to face these marital difficulties and maintain their family unit.

A source shared details with People, explaining, “The situation was short-lived and is now over. Benjamin realizes the huge mistake he made and does everything to get Natalie to forgive him and to protect their family’s unity. Natalie is extremely tight-lipped about it and doesn’t want to discuss the situation publicly. Their top priority is to preserve their children’s privacy and protect their well-being. »

The couple have two children, Aleph, 11, and Amalia, six.

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