The truth about the couple of Valérie Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly outside the series!

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Since the first broadcast of the series “Household Scenes”, Valérie Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly were present to interpret the role of the fifty-year-old couple Liliane and José.

Very quickly, the couple became one of the favorites of viewers with their habits and their escapades. Impossible for fans of the series to imagine the absence of Liliane and José. But when the two actors are not behind the cameras, how are they? Does this beautiful alchemy exist in their private lives?

“Household scenes”: Liliane and José, one of the emblematic couples of the series

The “Household Scenes” series was a great success from its first broadcast on M6. At the very beginning of this adventure, Liliane (Valérie Karsenty) and José (Frédéric Bouraly) were already part of the troupe. Since then, the couple have been part of mythical couples of the series. And if some couples have decided to end their participation, the two actors are still in the ranks and remain faithful to their positions.

One reason why viewers don’t get bored watching them on screen. José and Liliane from “Household Scenes” have remained in the series for all these years. They put a smile on their faces with their attitudes and their escapades. And if the two actors have great success in the serieswe will not deny that they also have a certain complicity to succeed so much in staying together in a fictitious couple.

Even today, viewers are delighted to find the couple Liliane and José in “Household Scenes”. They continue to perform and fulfill their role. The couple shows a beautiful complicity which sometimes makes us think that they may have another life together outside the film sets. Moreover, in the cinema, it is not a first to see actors as a couple in real life, turning together as a couple on the screen.

Remember Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for example. But what is really the couple of Liliane and José of “Scenes of households”? Valérie Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly say a little more about their relationship outside the film sets of the cult M6 series.

Everyone has their respective life outside the screens

Valérie Karsenty (Liliane) and Frédéric Bouraly (José) of “Household scenes” have certainly developed a great friendship since their role in the cult series of M6. There was a time when Frédéric Bouraly said that they sometimes spent holidays together but with their respective families.

Valerie Karsenty is in a relationship with the actor François Feroleto for more than 20 years. From their beautiful romance, the couple became parents of two beautiful children (Léon and Chaïm). And so far, the couple are still weaving the perfect love. Frédéric Bouraly, for his part, has also found the woman of his life. But not alongside his fictitious partner in “Household Scenes”.

Frédéric Bouraly succumbed to the charms ofone of the costumes, named Cécile . It was in 1988 that the comedian met the mother of his two children and since then they have been a very happy couple. Moreover, the couple recently passed in front of the Mayor to say Yes for life. For so many years, the interpreter of José in “Household Scenes” has wanted to keep the identity of his children private, even if they are both adults today.

The idea of ​​thinking that maybe Valérie Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly are couple in real life is therefore completely wrong. They have a great complicity and they have developed a great friendship for more than twenty years to work together and form the emblematic couple of the series “Household Scenes”. However there is nothing more.

“Household scenes”: Liliane and José, as a couple only on our screens

Faithful to their position since season one of “Household Scenes”, Valérie Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly have won the hearts of viewers. They play their role perfectly. that finally, netizens thought that maybe they are developing a common life in reality.

Admittedly, the actors have a good bond outside our screens, but they go more into a beautiful friendship. Frédéric Bouraly (José in “Household scenes”) revealed in an interview that they happen to spend holidays together but with their respective families.

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