The truth about the TTV star is out. She was betrayed by an MMA fighter – o2

All three are known as “Strong Crew”. Both Radzikowski and Karwat decided to try their hand at mixed martial arts.

The first of them has already made a debut in Fame MMA. During the twelfth edition of the gala he faced Piotr “Beast” Piechowiak. The duel between the two giants ended with the victory of “Beast” after a split decision of the judges.


Karwat, like Radzikowski, gave up his strongman career. On January 5, it was announced that he would perform at the High League 2 gala. Soon after, he revealed a previously unknown detail about the third representative of the “Strong Team” – Dominik Abus.


Strong Team from TTV. Who is the best fighter?

In my opinion, the federation that will hire Dominik (Abusa – KOZ) will do the biggest job in the world. Me and Krzysiek are calm and Dominik is crazy. Both when it comes to interviews and combat – Karwat said in an interview with “Super Express”.

He has the most experience of us in street fights. He washed the most of us. Dominik has proposals from many federations, but he has a thriving business in which he earns well, so it is difficult to tempt him – he added.


There is no shortage of freak fight organizations in Poland. At the moment it is not known if Abus would choose to perform and in which of them. So far, it can be watched on TTV.

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