“The truth will be known in two weeks”

The Portuguese star of United, at the center of the market rumors, on Instagram: “The media only tell lies”

“Cristiano Ronaldo stays at United. No, he goes to Atletico Madrid. CR7 is totally breaking up with Ten Hag and eating alone. He wants to return to Sporting Lisbon to play the Champions League. He was offered to Milan, Inter and Napoli … “After a summer of rumors, the star of Manchester United he blurts out and on social media announces an interview in which he will tell the whole truth.

Responding to a post on Instagram that talked about his possible move to Atletico Madrid, the Portuguese, who played his first game with the Red Devisl on August 16 19 years ago, tried to put a stop to the rumors that follow one another. for weeks on his future: “They will know the truth in a couple of weeks, when I give an interview. The media are lying. I have a collection at home and only 5 of the 100 news items are true. Follow this advice “.

There is now great expectation for his words, everyone wants to know what the future will be for a player who has made football history but today, at 37, he is a prisoner of a multimillion-dollar contract that no one seems willing to donate to him anymore.

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Dietrofront Ten Hag: now Ronaldo can leave |  The Portuguese eats alone in the canteen
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Dietrofront Ten Hag: now Ronaldo can leave | The Portuguese eats alone in the canteen

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