The Turin of Cairo and the mediocrity of ambitions

TURIN – The problem of the “modern” Torino branded Urbano Cairo – modern in quotation marks because it has been living, more or less badly, for seventeen years and therefore for a lifetime, footballing speaking – is not so much the fact that it has lost in Naples, against a team objectively superior, and not only in Turin. Even if it is the third consecutive defeat, which has not happened to the grenades since the depressing times of Giampaolo. Even if going down 3-0 so ready away would not be acceptable even against Real Madrid. The problem is not even if the stupid goals take them at the end, as it has happened too many times, or at the beginning as this time, giving players already in another category three counterattacks one on one, that is a tactical suicide as well as technical considered. the executive errors that these re-starts triggered. The problem is not even a coach, Juric, who is very good at building a playing facility and adapting players who are not excellent at interpreting it, but less good when it comes to changing the score, adapting it to the caliber and characteristics of the opponent, and then growl with frustration at the referee – beyond the fact that in the specific case he was right to protest – when he sees that he can’t get a spider out of the hole. A coach who, moreover – according to his latest statements (“just talk about sad things”; then that reference to his previous one in Verona, where he gave up after two years for programs not suited to his aspirations) and body language in the press conferences – begins to seem almost resigned to this state of affairs. And if he gives up, the only one who has awakened a certain grenatism in the environment in the last two years, goodbye.

Taurus, all to be redone in the standings.  Too many players of quality and weight are missing

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Taurus, all to be redone in the standings. Too many players of quality and weight are missing

The left side

The real problem of the Turin of Cairo is that it has condemned itself – through a precise and probably irreversible choice of its by now very ancient and deeply rooted property – to mediocrity of thought and therefore of objectives; it doesn’t even make sense to talk about ambitions. Otherwise the president / owner of a club once glorious on the pitch – and respected outside, because regardless of the results he collected he still cultivated precise, identifying sporting and moral values ​​- in the past few months he would have understood that he finally had the opportunity to deliver to this coach, and especially to these increasingly mortified fans, a staff that can aspire to something (a place in Europe, not the Scudetto or the Champions, eh) worthy of tradition and of the square. It would have been enough to reinvest even a part of the forty and more millions taken (by Juve: aggravating, in the eyes of the fans) for the sale of Bremer, and provide Juric – perhaps before he lost his temper and got into a fight with Vagnati – the physical midfielder who no longer has (after losing Pobega and Mandragora) and a professional striker with a decent propensity to score (after losing Belotti). If only to give a signal of discontinuity, demonstrating that he wants to regain a minimum of credibility and consideration from a fan club where no one (euphemism) loves him; after all, he never did anything to make himself loved. On an extra-football level, too; indeed, above all.

Napoli-Toro, Juric is a fury: he protests and is expelled

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Napoli-Toro, Juric is a fury: he protests and is expelled

Many words, few facts

But it is not the case, hic et nunc, to deal with unresolved or even never addressed issues (the Philadelphia, the Museum, the youth center, the stadium) that are now getting moldy and to change which the grenade people, exhausted and debased, she has no concrete tools at her disposal and probably no residual energy to believe it. Let’s move back to the team, to the field, to the standings. Immediately back, after a short period of illusion, the classic one of “modern” Turin. The middle one, limbo, mediocrity in fact. The dimension that Cairo may not like – he would always like to excel, but at almost zero cost, by virtue of his skills, intuitions and bets which, however, in football have abundantly proved not to work – but which is certainly enough for him to continue to use the (presumed) Taurus as a business card in the various salons in which he participates and which he often presides, casually stepping into the role of the mathethree to think. Balances in place, the ability to make believe that maintaining and managing Torino FC – detected in 2005 on the ashes of bankruptcy for a negligible sum – entails enormous sacrifices for him poorly paid (who knows why he has never shown the slightest willingness to sell it) , the left side of the ranking as a target to claim, to elect virtuous models to aspire to clubs such as Atalanta, then Sassuolo, in a while maybe it will be Udinese’s turn, a reality today for him and light years away from him but that the grenade people – who before Cairo looked at Naples itself without inferiority complexes, indeed – understandably refuse to consider them as absolute points of reference. In fact, he no longer goes to the stadium: partly out of disillusionment, partly out of disaffection from exhaustion, partly in order not to give money to the president. So that Cairo would really imitate them – Atalanta, Sassuolo, Udinese, all worthy of the utmost respect and admiration – in the design, construction and organization of a real structured club, with the right skills in the necessary positions and roles.

Turin, Sanabria is not enough: Napoli wins 3-1

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Turin, Sanabria is not enough: Napoli wins 3-1

Capri scapegoats

Of course, in Naples they lost the players – distracted and not very good – and also Juric, not Cairo. He never loses, Cairo. The defeats and the responsibilities – from Mihajlovic to Mazzarri, from Petrachi to the referees, from Verdi to Zaza, from Lotito to the Lega to the Government – are always of the others; at most he takes the tenth places and the middle rankings, when he is not forced to celebrate a salvation in extremis. Who will be the next culprit: Juric? Perhaps. Greetings, Taurus. Incredibly, you still exist and resist.

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