The twins do not have the same birthday or year of birth.

(CNN) — A New Jersey family welcomed twins who were not only born on different days, but also in different years.

Eve Humphrey woke up around 6 a.m. on New Year’s Eve and told her husband: “Happy birthday, my water just broke.”

Even though his wife isn’t due until January 26, Billy Humphrey says he’s hoping for the perfect birthday present: his twins will be born on the same day as him.

Expectant parents met with Dr. Melissa Yurkanin and the delivery team at Virtua Voorhees Hospital.

“When I walked in the room, we actually joked, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be fun if you had two kids on two different days, or even two different years?'” Yokanen said.

That’s exactly what happened. At 11:48 pm on the 31st, Eve gave birth to her first child, Ezra, whose official date of birth is December 31, 2023.

“We had 12 minutes to try and get the other one out,” said Billy Humphrey, who welcomed the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with his twin sons.

But the time of 2023 has passed, and 2024 is quickly approaching.

As Yokanen and the nurse counted to 10 to monitor Eve’s breathing and contractions, “while she was still between babies A and B, you could hear people outside the room counting and yelling Happy New Year,” Yokanen said. Kanin said.

Then, at 28 minutes in 2024, Eva gave birth to Ezekiel, a full 40 minutes after his twin brother.

Eve and Billy Humphrey hold their newborn twin sons at Wetura Voorhees Hospital. (Source: Virtua Health)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, twins account for about 3% of live births. The chance of twins being born on different days is a rare phenomenon, Yukanen said.

“I will say that in my practice, I have never had twins, even born on two different days, let alone in different years,” Yukanen told CNN. .”

Billy imagined that this unique birth would bring joy to the twin brothers for years to come. “I definitely thought they were going to joke about it,” he said.

The birth of the twins is a continuation of the Humphrey family’s celebrations. The parents celebrated their anniversary in early December, along with Eva’s birthday, and their three-year-old son Hezekiah’s birthday on January 3.

“I have three kids and now we all celebrate birthdays together,” Billy told CNN.

“Obviously, my birthday takes a back seat now,” he continued. “At least I can make it through Father’s Day.”

Billy and his twin boys. (Image credit: Courtesy of Billy Humphrey)

When his children grow up, he plans to take father and son on a trip this time of year to celebrate all their birthdays.

“It was just the four of us so Mom could stay home and relax,” Billy said.

Ezra and Ezekiel made history and overcame the odds at Virtua Voorhees Hospital, and the chances of Eve and Billy doing the same again are even slimmer.

“That’s our thing, we don’t want to have (kids) anymore,” Billy laughed.

“We are all very happy to have three healthy children.”

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