The two rarest euros in the world: that’s what they are, incredible

Among all the European nations that have issued commemorative coins, there are some that are now very rich in rare and super-valued coins. Some countries have a large number of commemorative issues from 2 euros and a large part of them are highly sought after and have truly exceptional prices.

Definitely know what the 2 euro commemorative coins are rarer and expensive is important because if I were to be in possession of one, we will be able to understand what to do and therefore avoid exchanging it or giving it as change. Imagine giving a 2 euro coin as change with Grace Kelly commemorative, which is worth over 1000 euros?

The countries that have the most sought after and above all listed 2 euro coins are: Andorra, Finland, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican.
The first commemorative 2 Euro coin is from Greece and was coined in 2004 to celebrate that year’s Athens Olympics.

On the obverse of this coin there is a beautiful ancient statue representing a discobolus ready to launch with the words “ATHENS 2004” on the left and the five Olympic rings, while on the right there is the words “2 ΕΥΡΩ”.

However, these 2 Greek Euro of 2004 do not have a particular value only because of the large amount of coins that have been minted, the value in fact reaches about 2.30 euros and always if in perfect condition.

2 Euro New EU Members (Finland – 2004)
The 2 Euro Commemorative Coins of the year 2004 most requested by collectors are the Finnish ones, minted in less than 1,000,000 copies and distributed only in the Finnish territory, therefore very difficult to find.
The image on the obverse represents a stylized pillar from which ten rise sprouts representing the enlargement of the European Union with the entry of another 10 new states.

The value of these 2 euros can reach up to 50 euros, for perfectly preserved coins.
2 Italian Commemorative Euro coins
Despite the euro being a fairly recent coinage, some of the 2-euro commemorative coins can acquire a much higher value than their nominal circulation value, precisely because of their rarity.
Among the two rarest and most important Italian euros there are those for the Carabinieri, of the year 2014.

This is the coin minted on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the founding ofWeapon of the Carabinieri. This rare coin features, on the obverse, a reinterpretation of the sculpture “Carabinieri patrol in the storm” with the dates of the years 1814 and 2014 respectively placed on the left and right and the inscription “CARABINIERI” at the bottom. Its value in Fior di Conio quality, however, is around 3 euros.

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