The Ukrainian drone Gekata made its first flight

Drone system GEKADA is able to collect information 24 hours a day about all enemy objects that emit radio waves. It accurately determines their coordinates. It is designed to be invisible to enemy radars.

Ukrainian company Infozahyst presented the capabilities of the air reconnaissance system, which consists of a ground control station and six drones. Each of them is equipped with an artificial intelligence system. GEKADA is able to recognize any enemy vehicle on water, land or in the air, even from a distance of 200 kilometers. A 10-kilogram set of devices has been installed on the PD-2 drone to locate enemy radar systems, rocket launchers and any other objects that emit radio signals.

Sending three drones of the GEKADA system into the air allows you to easily observe a section of the front 100 kilometers long and up to 450 kilometers wide. Monitoring of the battlefield lasts around the clock, as unmanned aerial vehicles carry out reconnaissance from high altitude in turns. This means that out of six drones, there are always three in the air, and the rest can have batteries replaced at the same time.

Three unmanned aerial vehicles are enough to create a network that allows you to instantly locate all objects on the ground and in the air, including enemy planes or drones, and even missiles. In fact Gekada’s capabilities allow you to track up to 200 targets simultaneously and providing information about them online to the command point.

The Ukrainian company Infozahyst ensures that the drone system can play the role of modern early reconnaissance aircraft. Military drone system GEKADA will allow you to quickly determine the location of enemy troops.


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