The Umbrella Academy: Season 3 is available on Netflix

Debuts today, June 22the third season from The Umbrella Academythe series Netflix conceived by Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater relying on the graphic novel namesake of Gerard Way And Gabriel Bà. THE ten episodes that also make up this new season will all be immediately available.

Renovated for one third season already at November 2020the series stars Elliott Pagewhose character will take the name of Viktor Hargreeves (Umbrella # 7 or White Violin) and will do coming out as a transsexual man, exactly as the Canadian actor did in December 2020. His brothers will also be at his side Luther / Spaceboy / Umbrella # 1 (interpreted by Tom Hopper), Diego / Kraken / Umbrella # 2 (interpreted by David Castañeda), Allison / Voice / Umbrella # 3 (played by Emmy Raver-Lampman) And Klaus / Medium / Umbrella # 4 (interpreted by Robert Sheehan).

By the end of the previous season, the brothers had teleported from Dallas of the 60’s to the 2019, one day after the alleged Apocalypse which, in reality, never occurred. Come to the Umbrella Academythey found Wellwho is still alive, even though he has become a little boy (played by Ethan Hwang). In this new timeline, the protagonists will have to deal with the Sparrow Academyled by Well now known as Sparrow # 2becoming a Machiavellian character, vicious and pragmatic, with greater control of his own powers.

Among the new actors who will join this season, all belonging to the new one Sparrow Academythere will be Justin Cornwell (Marcus / Sparrow # 1), Britne Oldford (Fei / Sparrow # 3), Jake Epstein (Alphonso / Sparrow # 4), Genesis Rodriguez (Sloane / Sparrow # 5), Cazzie David (Jayme / Sparrow # 6) And Christopher / Sparrow # 7represented as a mysterious kinetic cube.

Below, the official trailer of the third season from The Umbrella Academy.

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