The uncertainty afflicting the brazilian crossed out by the lockdown in South Africa in News reports


The blurring is caused by the decree of the lockdown (lockout, the Portuguese authorities in South Africa to curb the spread of the the new coronavirus it has caused concern, and many problems to hundreds of thousands of brazilians traveling to the country in which you now long for, a chance to get back to the house.

According to the information of the Embassy of Brazil, in South Africa, nearly 500 citizens have contacted the embassy to report problems and to request the intervention of the national government, with the aim of speeding up the bureaucratic procedures between the two countries.

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On the 14th [de março]I came to Mozambique, and the others in the group to South Africa on the 11th. We are here [em Johanesburgo] for the return home. However, the tickets have started to be cancelled on the 23rd. And here we are, up to now, not knowing when we leave to go home,” said Silvio Cesar dos Santos Rosa, a member of a group of missionaries, that, pending the resolution of the impasse. “We are without any financial resources. Our family’s very concerned,” he added.

Recently, the news concerning the opening of a flight is the take off of the Airlines, which is scheduled for the 1st of April, for the purpose of repatriating the brazilian, on the conditions which have already been mentioned, you generated the hope. However, the take-off has yet been confirmed by the company, or even by the brazilian authorities.

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In addition to this, Brazil’s efforts to bring it back to the citizens, wrote in South Africa, they are found to be insufficient for some of the people who are waiting for the outcome of interest for the united states may be even greater due to the likelihood of families being separated on a possible return trip.

“If this were to happen, it will be awesome. My wife is going back with my son and two step-siblings, and here I am, wondering when I will be back,” said the cardiologist (heart doctor) Acelino Souza Júnior, who has lived in Aracaju (SE). “Coming into St. Paul, we still need to solve the final part of the booking. My wife will have to do it without my presence. Also, I believe that the embassy will correct the situation and put me on the next flight out with my family, remains one of the most medical.

The hunger and violence

In addition to the increased feelings of stress as a result of the distance of their native land, many of the brazilians spoke of the hardships and dangers experienced in the past couple of weeks. Some have had to rely on the hospitality of the friendships that started during their stay in the republic of South Africa. The other sought to the hotels, not all of them paid for by the airlines or the agencies. There are those who, due to lack of options, and settled on the airport.

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Already, Diogo Santos, a volunteer, a real estate broker from florida who travels all alone in the world, was even worse. The tourist was a target of thieves on the streets of Johannesburg.

“He was on his way from the hotel to the centre of the city, when I was approached by three people and is extremely aggressive. They stole all my belongings and money from him. For the very little they have taken away my passport. Since then, I have been faced with a lot of things: I slept in the airport for four days, and I am at the home of an african whom I met at the police station at the airport, as he asked for food,” he said.

As well as the brazilians heard the news of the A7, David also complained about the activities of the foreign affairs ministry in search of a quick fix to the situation. “The Embassy does not support [adequado] or the return of hard-hitting”, you have finalized your real-estate broker.

That said, the u.s. Embassy in Brazil

The representatives of the us Embassy in Brazil sent a press release in which it stressed that, in spite of repeated efforts and signs of positive was received, did not receive a permit for the conduct of the flight between Johannesburg and the International Airport of São Paulo, brazil.

“We’re still working to resolve the situation quickly and safely, by means of the charter flight, with a stopover in Cape Town. The u.s. Embassy recognizes the discomfort that you are subject to the brazilian being unable to get back to the house and you do not have a measured effort to address the situation,” she wrote in the note.

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