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Booba, true to form, could not resist the temptation to tease Maes for her boxing training sessions in Thailand.

In the past, Booba and Maes have treated French rap listeners to memorable tracks, including “Madrina,” “Blanche,” “VVV” and “Platine o Plomo.” Collaborations that have marked the history of French rap.

However, these days their relationship has taken a sharp turn, turning into a public conflict. The two rappers do not spare themselves in expressing their animosity towards each other, and any means is good to harm the other.

Last March, for example, Maes was the target of criticism from Booba regarding the sales of his latest project, “Omerta”, which was not a huge success during its first weeks of release.

More recently, Booba did not fail to make a well-placed dig at Maes following his arrest in Dubai by the police, a situation which visibly amused the Duke, as he expressed it on his Instagram story.

And Booba doesn’t miss an opportunity to make fun of Maes. This time he made fun of his boxing training in Thailand.

The two rappers share a common passion for combat sports, and they do not hide their love for this field, which they practice even in their free time.

Moreover, Booba and Maes expressed the desire to resolve their differences through boxing. A few months ago, the Sevran rapper even suggested to Booba that they resolve their differences in a ring, but Booba preferred to decline the invitation, just as he did for the octagon. For her part, Maes continues to train to build a champion physique.

On his Instagram story, Maes shared a video of him in the middle of a training session in Thailand, on the island of Ko Samui. He performs kicks and punches with mastery.

However, Booba was not impressed. The Duke wanted to remind his new favorite enemy of the reality of things. “Don’t tell me he’s going to ask me for a fight! Is this preparation for the fight? Forced to learn to fight,” he commented on Instagram.

He then added in the following story: “But yes Georgy, we are waiting. You can try anything, you’ll have to make me really small. Good luck, keep training hard, it will pay off!” At least the cards are on the table!

It remains to be seen whether this new mockery from Booba towards Maes will provoke a reaction from him. Does this foreshadow a future fight between the two rappers? One thing is certain, we will have to follow this rivalry closely. To follow closely!

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