The United Nations investigated the media in Hungary. “The Environment Has Distorted”

– The media environment in Hungary has become distorted, media pluralism, diversity and independence are being called into question. That is why it is so important to ensure journalistic honesty and integrity, especially in the context of the upcoming elections. And that public media receiving state support should maintain an impartial approach to all parties and candidates, Kahn explained.

The UN Special Rapporteur explained that she had focused on three cases.

– The first is the dismissal of the editor-in-chief of and, consequently, the dismantling of the entire editorial office. The second is the situation with Klub Radio, where the regulator refused to extend the club’s license. The third is the creation of the KESMA media foundation that will consolidate 476 Hungarian editorial offices – she explained.

“These are examples for me that illustrate different ways of silencing or blocking voices that are critical of the government,” she concluded. The Hungarian government has repeatedly denied undermining media freedom.

The UN study, as Kahn emphasized, is important due to the upcoming elections to the Hungarian parliament.


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