The universal EU charger is technological obsolescence. The expert criticizes

The European Union and its universal charger.

While the USB-IF consortium is satisfied with the very idea of ​​a universal charger, it does not entirely support the style in which the EU operates.

Who, who, but just the USB-IF project universal charger should be on hand. After all, we are talking about one solution that is to forcibly replace all others, with Apple Lightning at the forefront. The head of the organization, Jeffrey Ravencraft, accuses the Union, however, that the dragging legislative processes are not conducive to progress, but on the contrary – they hinder it.

Striving for a common charging standard, the European Commission implemented two standards in 2021: EN IEC 6280-1-3: 2021 and EN IEC 6280-1-2: 2021. The trouble is, as Ravencraft rightly points out, they were set to over two years of spec. More specifically, from August 2019. Meanwhile, technological progress was rushing at breakneck speed, but EU officials did not keep up with it.

The effect is that while the actual USB-C standard allows charging with a power of up to 240 W, its EU variant stopped at 15 W. What follows, already on the eve of global implementation, it is outdated, not exhausting the possibilities of a significant part of the devices offered today – summarizes the leader of USB-IF.

Not the newest today, soon archaic

And let’s add, while the provisions on the universal charger entered into force in September this year, there are at least more to come along the way. 24-month transition period. In a word, this type of equipment will not appear in stores until 2023. Then it will not be the newest, but even archaic. The question is, what will the producers who are inevitably focused on progress do then?

The most likely version is that there will be compatibility with the universal charger, but next to the proprietary, faster charging techniques. And we will come back to the starting point again, because the EU command may extend compatibility, but if we want to squeeze the maximum, consumers anyway they will have to invest in dedicated chargers.

Photo source: Unsplash (Markus Urbenz)

Text source: USB-IF, ed. own

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