The unknowns (and fears) of the honeymoon

Caution is advised when the situation is extremely complicated and worrying. An attitude that seems to inspire Giorgia Meloni in these first bars in the role of premier in pectore. After all, the economic data are what they are: the update note to the Def will probably foresee an increase in GDP of 0.6% for the next year, but the margins in which the next government will move remain narrow. What is worrying, however, is above all the present: few resources on the one hand, but at the same time indispensable interventions on the other. There is bad and less bad news on gas, but the bills for now are bloodletting that could bring any business to its knees. Yesterday a famous chef like Vissani even wondered if the time had not come to sell the restaurant: “I went from 3500 euros in bills to 100 thousand”. Imagine how families can feel in such a moment. In addition, the Inland Revenue has 13 million tax bills ready. You add inflation, the increase in all goods, starting with food and you understand that the picture is serious if not tragic. Imagine the state of mind of a father or mother who, after shopping and discovering that even the bread and milk have increased, on the same day they find in their mailbox a bill tripled, to say the least, and a tax bill. In this situation in which Saint can they hope, if not in the government that is about to take office?

Here, the honeymoon with the country that distinguishes the first hundred days of each executive, for the next one is full of unknowns even if compared to the “technical” executive it has the certainly not negligible detail of being an elected government, chosen by the people. A great legitimacy which, however, also increases expectations. And the voters, after the wise prudence of these days, will want answers. The sooner they arrive, the longer the harmony with public opinion will last. In these situations, we know, as in the previous government, time is not an independent variable because the situation could twist. A delicate condition, especially for parties that have a populist soul and are particularly sensitive to the reactions of public opinion.

That’s why we need to hurry. Giving clear signals that something is changing. Using some resources to be traced in the folds of the budget, perhaps in the best deficit-GDP ratio compared to the forecasts that could make 10 billion available. To be used immediately: three targeted measures in the first cdm to give an answer to the many fears that wear down trust and to today’s problems such as bills, tax bills, high cost of living. It has already been done in the past in normal times, in emergencies it is not only an appropriate attitude, but an obligatory one.

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