The Unusual Incident of Lele Pons That Almost Ended in Tragedy for Reckless!

Lele Pons

The Venezuelan nothing stops her when she records.

There are more than 40 million followers that singer Lele Pons has in her personal Instagram account, which she surprises with her irreverence and outgoing personality.

And it is that Pons rose to fame thanks to the content of her videos that made everyone laugh, however, in many cases, she has created controversy for the creativity with which she performs them.

One of the latest publications of the influencer in the social network shows how she played a joke to all his fans when coinciding with the date of Valentine, she received a marriage proposal from a friend.

The comedian has now published a clip she recorded while shopping in the supermarket, where she criticizes the social network that is in fashion, TikTok.

The 23-year-old girl appears in the video with a friend, who is the one who plays the role of tiktoker, performing pirouettes in the middle of one of the halls while she tried to pass, and an accident is almost generated.

“Children of TikTok in public these days, tag a TikTok,” was the message that the Venezuelan wrote, the video today has already exceeded 6 million views and 8 thousand comments.

Without a doubt, Lele Pons, who is also Chayanne’s political niece, has managed to remain a celebrity after being named by Forbes in 2018, as the most influential Spanish-speaking speaker in the networks.



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