The Unusual Signs That SOL Pérez Gave About the Crisis With Her Boyfriend

Sol Pérez

Although everyone thought that her romance with Guido Mazzoni was at its best, the protagonist of “Twenty Million” slipped the opposite on her Instagram.

In October 2019, Sol Pérez began to be shown in public with the personal trainer Guido Mazzoni. A few weeks later, “la sobri de Pérez” confirmed her courtship and decided to go on a trip with him to the beaches of Brazil.

This summer, the protagonist of “Twenty Millions” and her partner settled in Mar del Plata, where they decided to try living together. However, in recent days, they had a strong discussion and distanced themselves. She continues in La Feliz, while she went with a group of friends to Miami.

Although they said nothing about their sudden separation, Sol had left some clues in their networks: she deleted all the photos she had with Mazzoni. The personal trainer, meanwhile, made a drastic decision and deleted her profile on Instagram, where she had many publications with the time of the day.

The news of her breakup surprised all her followers, as it seemed they were at their best. The couple had anticipated that after Mar del Plata they were going to start living in Buenos Aires. Even the panelist slipped that she really wanted to start a family with him.

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