The unvaccinated, even by suffocating, maintain that COVID-19 is a conspiracy. Report from the Department of Infectious Diseases in Kielce. See the movie and photos

They are so determined that, even face to face with death, they maintain that the pandemic is a conspiracy and that vaccination is harmful. The staff of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Provincial Complex Hospital in Kielce has to deal with it every day. Unvaccinated patients are not even convinced that those who are vaccinated suffer the disease more easily. However, there are also those who regret not having had the vaccine and have put themselves at great risk.

From November 5, the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Provincial Complex Hospital in Kielce again serves as a department dedicated to the treatment of patients infected with coronavirus. As the doctors emphasize – the situation is dramatic. All places are occupied and the patients are mostly unvaccinated. There is also a shortage of staff with such a high occupancy rate.

We visit the Radiowa Clinic on Thursday, November 18. You can see that the staff is exhausted and their hands are full. If we thought that this wave of infections would be much lighter than the previous wave, we were wrong.

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– The situation is hopeless. We are fully booked and as soon as we discharge patients, new ones appear in their place. These are mainly unvaccinated people who do not believe in the disease and what is happening in the world. Even as they choke, they maintain that it is some kind of conspiracy. There are even cases of aggression against paramedics who want to get tested for COVID-19

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