The US demands further sanctions against North Korea

“The US is proposing further UN sanctions in response to six North Korean ballistic missile trials since September 2021, each in violation of a Security Council resolution,” the ambassador wrote on Twitter.

Thomas-Greenfield has not specified what kind of sanctions Washington is demanding.

Sanctions against North Korea

North Korea made the last missile test last week, announcing later that a “hypersonic missile” was being tested. The test was to be conducted under the personal supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Earlier on Wednesday, the United States imposed financial sanctions against five high-ranking North Koreans linked to the WMD program. This was announced by US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Brian Nelson. The assets of these people in the US have been frozen and their access to the US financial system has been blocked.

During the previous administration of President Donald Trump, on Washington’s initiative, the Security Council three times imposed increasingly severe economic sanctions on North Korea in response to successive missile and nuclear tests by Pyongyang.

The sanctions, still in force, were aimed at limiting the possibility of importing fuels by North Korea, as well as the export of a number of its raw materials.

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