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A reader writes: «Why are the Italian squares not filled with demonstrations of solidarity for Iranian women? And why, if Putin is threatening the atomic bomb, in the talks they take it out on the West’s lack of diplomatic initiative? Had Biden been shaking the nuclear specter, would they have been angry with the Russians? “

Provocative questions, but not peregrine ones.

There is a widespread sentiment starting from the end of the Second World War. Many Italians on the right and left do not see Americans as liberators, but as occupiers who have replaced other occupiers. Di Battista da Floris said it clearly: “Italy is not a free country, it cannot leave NATO”.

If you consider the marines of the invaders, the compass with which to orient yourself is the interest of the American Empire of which you feel a subject: to always place yourself, obviously, on the opposite side.
A dictatorship supported by the CIA is a dictatorship, a pro-Chinese or pro-Russian dictatorship is the still imperfect expression of a multipolar world.
A woman killed in a US friendly country is a victim.
A woman killed in a country that is an enemy of the United States, such as Iran, remains a victim, but must not be exploited.

But do not think the reader that his questions are new. Montanelli replied as early as the 1950s: “In a stormy world, unfortunately, you need to find an umbrella, and the American one, although full of holes, remains the only one under which it is at least allowed to sneeze.”

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