The US is imposing sanctions in connection with the North Korean missile launch

The US Treasury has announced the imposition of sanctions on six North Koreans and a Russian and a Russian company for their participation in the development of the Pyongyang regime’s missile and weapons program.

The sanction apply two DPRK nationals residing in Russia and four Korean residents of China. They all participated in the procurement of materials and technology for the development of the WMD program.

Additionally restrictions were placed on the Russian Roman Alar and the Russian company Parsek for “actions or transactions that materially contributed to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”

The restriction came the day after the Pyongyang regime conducted its second hypersonic racket test this year.

Today’s actions are part of an ongoing US effort against weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles Undersecretary of the Treasury Brian Nelson said in a release. The recent DPRK missile tests provide additional evidence that North Korea is developing banned programs despite international community calls for diplomacy and denuclearization – added.

North Korea launched a high-speed missile. “To Seoul less than a minute”

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