The US reaction to Putin: “We take the nuclear threat seriously”. China calls for a ceasefire, but Xi says: “Prepare for war”

It’s raining international reactions to the move with which Vladimir Putinin a speech to the nation on Tuesday morning, he announced the mobilization of 300,000 reservists to intensify the offensive in Ukraine and Moscow’s support for independence referendum launched by the pro-Russian regional administrations, returning to stir the specter of a nuclear war. The first to intervene is the German government, with the deputy chancellor Olaf Scholz, the green Robert Habeck, which speaks of “a bad, wrong step”, which marks the beginning of “a new escalation”. “We will consult to see how to react politically, but it is” clear that Ukraine will have to continue to have full support, “says Habeck. The United States show firmness: “We take the nuclear threat seriously. There will be serious consequences. We continue to monitor their strategic position to see if we need to change ours. At the moment there are no signs that we have to do it ”. There Born announces the intention to increase the production of weapons, while the China on the one hand he calls for a ceasefire and on the other he tells his generals to “prepare for war”.

The EU: “A sign of despair” – The move “is further proof that Putin is not interested in peace but in an escalation. His announcements are also a clear sign that he is only interested in continuing this destructive war, he is a clear sign of despair“And it is something” that will also have negative consequences on the Russian population, “says the spokesman for the EU Commission Peter Stano in the daily press briefing. Even for the British government, Putin’s speech is “an admission of the failure of his invasion. No amount of threats or propaganda can hide the fact that Ukraine is winning this war, that the international community is united and that Russia is becoming a global marginalized “, declares the defense minister. Ben Wallace. For the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Teresa Ribera it is a “dramatic news, which confirms that this is a long and cruel war, enormously unjust and hard. It portends a complicated winter ”.

Use: “He’s in trouble” – “Putin’s speech is clearly a sign that he is in trouble,” said the spokesman for the US National Security Council, John Kirbyto Abc News stressing that Moscow’s forces are in crisis especially “in the north and east” of Ukraine. “We expected the call of the reservists, Putin is also making the wounded soldiers fight,” Kirby said. For the US ambassador in Kiev, Bridget Brink“The farce referendums and mobilization are signs of weakness, of Russian failure: the United States will never recognize Russia’s claim to annex Ukrainian territory, and we will continue to stand by Ukraine for as long as necessary”.

Beijing: “Addressing security concerns” – After a few hours, the Chinese government, Russia’s main strategic ally, also leaked its position, as usual oriented towards de-escalation: “China invites the parties involved in the crisis in Ukraine to cease-fire and to engage in dialogue and consultations for a peaceful resolution “, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbinurging “to find a way to deal with the security concerns of all parties “. And the main political opponent of the Russian president speaks from prison, Alexei Navalny, in video link with the court of Kovrov (city 250 km from Moscow) for a lawsuit against the administration of the penitentiary where he is imprisoned: “Now some workers of Kovrov (city 250 km from Moscow), in their thirties, will be called to die somewhere near Kherson. It’s a’huge tragedy“, He says.

Then, however, the president Xi Jinping praised the profound reorganization of the Armed Forces, noting that “it is necessary to summarize and apply the positive experience of the reforms, focus on preparing for war, carry out solid work in the implementation of the established tasks and strengthen the planning of subsequent reforms ”. Xi, speaking today in Beijing at a seminar on national defense and military reform, spoke of a “historic result” on national defense and army reforms, urging to “adapt to new situations and new requirements, to have the courage to explore and innovate “.

On the referendum in the Ukrainian regions occupied by Russia, however, Beijing is much colder for reasons related to internal independence and asks to respect the “sovereignty of all countries”. Beijing’s position on Ukraine is “consistent”, the Foreign Ministry spokesman replied Wang Wenbin. China insists that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected, as well as the UN Charter and principles,” added Wang.

Stoltenberg: “Increase weapons production” – “We are talking with our allies but also with the defense industry for increase military production, arms and ammunition, because we must replace our stocks to ensure the defense of NATO territories but also to continue supporting Ukraine ”. She said it in a video interview with Reuters the secretary general of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, explaining that there will be a summit on this dossier in Brussels. Then he compared the increase in military production required to that of vaccines in the Covid crisis.

The Russian stock exchange – The move by the head of the Kremlin also reacts markets: the main index of the Moscow Stock Exchange, which had lost 8.8% on Monday, plunged to a high of 9.6% at the start of negotiations to then recover some ground and limit losses to 5.4%. The euro also falls, falling to 0.98 against the dollar (-0.9%), while the price of oil soars with WTI and Brent rising by about 3%, respectively, to 86.4 a 93.4 dollars a barrel.

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