The US Senate has rejected sanctions on Nord Stream 2. “White House pressure”

55 senators, including six Democrats, voted for the bill proposed by Republican Senator Ted Cruz. 46 were against, including Republican Rand Paul. The draft provided for the imposition of sanctions on the gas pipeline operator within 15 days of the adoption of the law.

The vote was the result of an agreement between Cruz and the Democrats that allowed the project to vote in return for Cruz’s end to block the ambassadorial appointments for President Joe Biden.

The failure of the project is the result of, inter alia, White House pressure to persuade the Democrats who previously supported the overwhelming majority of sanctions in order not to interfere with diplomatic attempts to resolve the crisis with Russia. The Biden administration also argued that the sanctions could undermine the agreement with the German government, which undertook to suspend NS2 in the event of Russian aggression. The Ukrainian authorities, in turn, lobbied for the adoption of the bill.

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