The USA and NATO on Ukraine speak with one voice

On January 10, after nearly 8 hours, the US-Russian talks, which took place as part of the so-called dialogue on strategic stability. Diplomats explained their positions on the Kremlin’s proposal to create a new security architecture in Europe. The discussion took place in the context of the mobilization of around 100,000. Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine. Russia demands from the USA, inter alia, guarantee that Ukraine will never be admitted to NATO.

“USA and NATO do not succumb to Russia’s terror”

In an interview with Radio WNET, the former commander of the Land Forces and former Deputy Minister of National Defense, General Waldemar Skrzypczak, commented on the US-Russia talks in Geneva and commented on the scenarios for further development of the situation.

Skrzypczak assessed that everything indicates that NATO and the US will not succumb to the Kremlin’s terror. “Putin seems to have been convinced that he will manage to bring them to their knees once again, but this time it looks like it has failed,” he said. At the same time, he noted that NATO and the US speak with one voice on this issue, and this has not always been the case.

Gen. Skrzypczak: Putin will not decide to attack

The former deputy minister of the Ministry of National Defense also indicated that Putin’s empire would slowly crumble. He expressed the opinion that Russia would not decide to attack Ukraine, inter alia because it would embroil the country in a long war that would plunge the Federation into chaos.

– In my opinion, Russia is not able to win with Ukraine, because at the moment the army’s potential must be divided. The Russian army is stationed in several places that are critical to the functioning of the empire. These include Kazakhstan and the regions of Armenia, but also Transnistria, Belarus and the border with Ukraine. At the moment, the Russians do not have the necessary military potential at this border, and at the same time the Ukrainians are, in my opinion, a well-prepared, trained and armed army. They would be able to repel the attack of the Russian army, said General Skrzypczak.

He added that Putin wants to win something else at the negotiating table, but his chances are getting smaller over time and he will not be able to achieve what the Kremlin propaganda says.

Negotiations in Brussels

On January 12, the NATO-Russia Council met in Brussels. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg received Russian deputy foreign minister Alexander Gruszka at the allied headquarters to try to defuse the worst tensions between East and West since the Cold War, caused mainly by the situation in Ukraine, which Russia plans to attack according to the US.

Moscow denies these accusations, although it also gathers its troops near the Ukrainian border and conducts exercises there.

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