The USB-C to Lightning converter is on sale!

With the iPhone 15 series, we started seeing USB-C charging sockets in iPhone models. Of course, at Apple, the charging socket change is celebrated with new cables and converters. iPhone 15 and USB-C don’t break tradition. Here’s the converter adapter and its price that allows you to use Lightning accessories on your devices with USB-C inputs…

Small in size but big in price: USB-C to Lightning Converter is at the Apple Store!

Apple’s much-awaited iPhone 15 launch ended a few hours ago. However, users saw a USB-C charging socket on the iPhone for the first time. Users who are knowledgeable about this subject were not surprised by this situation, but those who saw it for the first time found it quite strange. Of course, the question came to mind how to connect old Lightning accessories to these new devices.

Apple has placed a new product on the Apple Store shelves to address this problem. This new product, which offers a connection between USB-C and Lightning, allows you to use the mentioned accessories. However, this also prevents many users from purchasing new adapters or charging cables. However, the mentioned products are sold at more affordable prices.

When iPhone 15 was released, the shoe got out of control: iPhone 12 sales were banned!

When iPhone 15 was released, the shoe got out of control: iPhone 12 sales were banned!

While we were focusing on the iPhone 15 series, bad news came from the legendary iPhone 12. Here are the iPhone 12 sales ban and its details…

This converter adapter, which has a Lightning input on one end and a USB-C output on the other, will allow accessories like wired headphones with a Lightning port to work on the iPhone 15 series, which were once included in the Apple box. So far, everything is normal, but this converter is not a very economical product. The converter, which will be sold in Apple Stores along with the iPhone 15 series, is currently sold for 985 TL.

The USB-C charging adapter, which produces 20 W of power, is sold for 619 TL. The situation really becomes ridiculous when you look at the difference in price that can be considered a difference. So what do you think? Don’t forget to express your opinion in the comment section…

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