The verification of the patients revealed a lie about the vaccination

Of the 49 patients in the COVID-19 intensive care unit at the Asclepius clinics in Hamburg, 32 were not protected by vaccination. During admissions to the ward, information provided by patients about their vaccination status often turned out to be false, informs Die Welt on Thursday.

As a Hamburg hospital spokesman confirms, “sometimes up to two-thirds of ICU patients are unvaccinated, even though their share of Hamburg’s population is less than 9 percent.”

Doctors need real information

The spokesman confirmed that the patients often when admitted to the ward claimed that they had been vaccinated, which later turned out to be untrue upon closer inspection.

“This can be dangerous as it is important that treating physicians know the exact vaccination status of the patient in order to provide the best possible care,” adds Asklepios clinic representative.

A similar phenomenon was already mentioned in November by Stefan Kluge, head of the intensive care unit at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), pointing out that “90 percent of our ICU patients are not vaccinated, despite the fact that they have almost all high-risk factors, such as older age, overweight, high blood pressure or diabetes ”.

Infection records

The number of coronavirus infections in Germany is increasing rapidly. There are currently records of infection in the north of the country. In Lübeck, for example, the number of cases has never been as high as it is today. This makes the local laboratories work at the highest speed.

The number of samples has quadrupled over the past week, says Lübeck medical doctor and Andreas Bobrowski, chairman of the trade union of German laboratory doctors, says ARD. “We currently have 50 percent positive tests in our lab. Nobody expected it to explode like this,” he said.

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