The video of a fight between reality TV stars ignites the web

What happened yesterday in a Cannes nightclub? As the heat wave hit part of France, some apparently had blood as hot as mercury. In any case, this is what we see in the video posted by the blogger Aqababe on X (formerly Twitter) and which has been buzzing for a few hours.

We see several people hitting each other in the middle of a nightclub while Rihanna’s song, in duet with Drake, Work, sounds through the amps. Images all the more shocking as a young woman, dressed in a white evening dress, tries to extricate herself from the fray of brawlers by holding her face, visibly in blood.


To believe the information of the blogger, it would be two “teams” which faced each other that evening in the Cannes heat: on the one hand that of Ahmed Thaï (Harroun of his real name) and Ad Laurent, and on the other that of Yomi Denzel. For the moment, none of those implicated by Aqababe has reacted publicly to this altercation.

It is clear that on their respective platforms, it is as if nothing had happened. Ad Laurent, revealed by the first season of Take care of yourself on M6, has not published anything since on its social networks. YouTuber Yomi Denzel, who offers training to “set up an e-commerce business”, simply shared in Instagram Story a photo by a swimming pool. As for Ahmed Thaï, the ex-husband of Sarah Fraisou who notably distinguished himself in the fifth season of The Villa of Broken Heartshe shared a video on Instagram where we see him at the airport.

Booba in ambush

While waiting to find out more, there is one who has not missed anything from this new bad buzz between influencers: Booba. The rapper relayed the video of Aqababe, asking on Elon Musk’s network renamed X, if “it’s an American Yomi Denzel? »

It must be said that Booba is waging a relentless war against “influencers” and which is bearing fruit, as demonstrated by Bercy’s recent actions against them. In addition, the Duke of Boulogne knows just as much about bottle throwing, being at the origin of a general fight in the middle of Orly airport with Kaaris, the two artists having fought with bottles of perfume picked up in the duty free at hand in August 2018. The two rappers had been sentenced the following year.

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