The video of Becky G smoking! that comes to light and sweeps!

Becky G is a very active influencer on Instagram. The Californian does not stop uploading publications to her wall of the social network. There are more than 8,000 posts in your account.

But the singer is those who also like to upload documents to the stories, where they disappear at 24 hours. There she shares content for the most attentive.

However, there are those who capture everything that Becky G hangs on the insta stories and uploads it in the form of a post to another account, making what should be ephemeral and disappear in one day, become eternal. And one of the captured videos especially attracts attention.

Smoking seriously damages health

It is said that smoking, apart from being very harmful to health, is not recommended for a singer who wants to keep her voice. Apart from Joaquín Sabina, she would not be the same without that hoarse voice of smoking for many years.

That is why the following video is very surprising, in which Becky G appears smoking and fuming the camera.

Smoking or vaping?

It is possible to say that by the density of the smoke, typical of the vapers, it would not be smoking exactly but vaping. At least it is what is perceived. In addition, it becomes difficult to think that she is addicted to tobacco considering that she has a sentimental relationship with Sebastian Lletget, an elite athlete.

However, it should be said that some experts point out that vapers can also be harmful. They warn that there are not enough long-term studies to ensure they have no consequences. Still, better vaping than smoking.

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