The Viterbo 2022 art biennial is underway, events up to October in seven municipalities of the province

Chronicle – For the first time, the event has a scientific committee – international experts are part of it

Chronicle – We receive and publish – With Vitorchiano, the biennial inaugurates the third stage in the suggestive villages of Tuscia presenting, in the former convent of Sant’Agnese, two installations by young artists Eirene and Victor Albano, the large canvases by Italian and Swiss artists Mathias Beckly , Marisa Bellini, Daniela Cleo, Laura Grispigni, Anna Kusser, Paola Ramondini, Francoise Weddigen, Carola Wlderk, Orlando Vogel, as well as the canvases of very young artists Eloise Weddigen, Camilla Zanini, Matilde and Anita Zanini.

Viterbo Art Biennale 2022 - Work by Orlando Vogel

Viterbo Art Biennale 2022 – Work by Orlando Vogel

Art has always been a way and a tool for discovering the extraordinary nature of life and its sacredness, a real space for dreams, creativity, vitality, a search for meaning and a key to understanding the journey of growth and discovery of the unknown self. The last two years have made us vulnerable but through art we can reformulate fundamental concepts concerning good, truth and beauty. Contemporary art as a means to protect human dignity and its fundamental rights, a stimulus to increase social sensitivity and a constructive dialogue about life. There are therefore many themes that the various artistic sensitivities involved will develop, in an articulated path full of exhibitions and events, in the multiple locations involved.

Strongly desired by Laura Lucibello, president and founder, the biennial 2022 makes use, for the first time, of a scientific committee made up of members who for years have held primary roles in the field of contemporary arts at an international level: Antonio Arévalo – critic and curator promoter of South American culture in Europe, Gian Maria Cervo – director playwright responsible for the art districts of the Viterbo international theater festival, Antonietta Grandesso – culture director of Spazio Thetis arsenale nord Venice, Velia Littera – curator and manager of the Pavart gallery in Rome, Pino Mascia – artist, teacher and artistic director of the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts.

Viterbo Art Biennale 2022 - Work by Beckly

Viterbo Art Biennale 2022 – Work by Beckly

Seven municipalities involved: Viterbo, Celleno ghost village, Graffignano, Oriolo Romano, Sipicciano, Tuscania, Vitorchiano; over 12 exhibition venues.

The busy program continues throughout the summer with numerous events in the municipalities of Viterbo:


– 9 June-30 October 2022, Giardino Santa Croce, outdoor exhibition of 15 sculptures

– 15-30 July 2022, Church of S. Agostino, PAX_22, sculpture exhibition by Roberta Morzetti curated by Velia Littera. Guest artists: Chicca Regalino, Fabio Ferrone Viola, Giovanni Trimani.

Graffignano, Baglioni Santacroce Castle:
– 12 June-28 August 2022 “The art of battles in art”, personal exhibition by Ruslan Ivanytskyy curated by Laura Lucibello.

– 3-27 September 2022 “Sacred Waters”, Donatella Buttiglione’s personal exhibition.

– 1- 30 October 2022 “Ceramics, ethical imprint”, international exhibition of contemporary author ceramics

– 25 June-30 October 2022 “Open air canvases and installations” through the streets of the village, young artists at the Auditorium ex Convento di Santa Agnese curated by Laura Lucibello.

Oriolo Romano
– 2 July-30 October 2022 “Land art” in the park of villa Altieri and hunting lodge by Laura Lucibello.

– 9 July-30 October 2022 Academy Award at the Baronial Palace and Baglioni chapel by Antonio Arévalo.

– 9 July-30 October 2022 cloister of the sanctuary of Santa Rosa, “Artists in Santa Rosa”

– 26 August-30 October 2022 sanctuary of Santa Rosa, in memory of the artist Roberto Bassetto with some of his installations by Elena Bocci, courtesy of the family.

– 11 September-14 October 2022 botanical garden, Osmosis Resonances of contemporary art, second edition, event curated by Ignorarte.

– 20 November-10 December 2022 sanctuary of Santa Rosa, “Paths of the soul”, exhibition with the artists Kunga Sonam, Marco Ricchi and others, curated by Laura Lucibello.

– 15-30 October 2022, museum of the Duomo hill, “Sankta” exhibition of contemporary spiritual and sacred art by Velia Littera.

– 22 July / 30 October 2022, contemporary art in the ghost town curated by Laura Lucibello

– 22/23 July 2022, “The nights of the harpy” by the municipality of Celleno, with the participation of the director-actor Demian Aprea and his “The return of Dalì”, accompanied by Gabriele Fioritti.

There are also numerous collateral events, among the most significant the participation in: first New European Bauhaus Festival ( from 9 to 12 June 2022; Arts Vi.Ve. a bridge between Viterbo and Venice – Biennials compared Spazio San Vidal in Venice from 15 to 25 September 2022. The complete program will be available online:

Biennale of Viterbo contemporary art

June 21, 2022

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