The Walking Dead: a photo shows us the characters of the alternate ending

After 11 seasons, The Walking Dead ends with the children of the Grimes who look to the future. In the finale viewers saw in the series finale “Rest in Peace,” the final minutes showed why Rick (Andrew Lincoln) e Michonne (Danai Gurira) have not yet returned home to their children, Judith (Cailey Fleming) e Rick “RJ” Grimes Jr. (Anthony Azor).

But in an unaired alternate ending, a flash forward would have revealed the next generation of The Walking Dead: adult children of Rick, Michonne, Aaron (Ross Marquand) Jerry (Cooper Andrews) e Rosita (Christian Serratos)

Here’s what The Walking Dead’s final scene would have looked like in the canceled alternate ending, according to Insider:

After Daryl left, we cut forward to the Freedom Parkway outside Atlanta – where we shot Rick’s iconic shot from the pilot. We see an ethanol modified van, with a young woman and a man in the front seats (early 20s). Over the course of the scene, we realize that these are adult RJ and Judith. Other adult versions of the boys are on the back: Coco, Gracie, etc. They are out there trying to escort survivors back to their communities. Continuing the legacy of their parents. As RJ talks into the radio, he concludes with, “If you can hear me, pick up. I’m Rick Grimes.” (which, of course, is his name but it’s also the line spoken by Rick in the pilot episode). Then we finish with the voice of a survivor answering: “…Hello?”

Cinematographer Duane Charles Manwiller shared the first look at the series’ alternate ending on Instagram, revealing a Rick Grimes Jr. adult (Roland Buck III), Ezra (Seoum Tylor Aun), Socorro/”Coco” (Walker’s Sahara Ale), Thank you (Tess Cline) e Judith Grimes (Britt Baron). Look below.

Speaking about the finale, showrunner Angela Kang said:

“Originally that wasn’t the show’s final moment. I had written a completely different final scene. But it was something that worked well at launch and that everyone liked, but it was one of those things that when we finally saw it all put together, we were like, ‘It’s not working,’ and AMC said, ‘ Maybe you can cut this sequence,” and I said, “I totally understand that.”

Kang continued:

“So we were like, ‘So, shall we finish with Rick/Michonne? Do we end with Daryl leaving? Are we done with the kids? But the intention has always been to… Our generation has done all of these things, and then who’s going to carry on the legacy.”

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The Walking Dead legacy lives on in three new spinoffs in the works at AMC. In 2023, the AMC network will introduce three new spinoffs: TWD: Dead Cityfollowing Maggie (Lauren Cohan) e Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in one New York plagued by zombies. Daryl Dixonfocused on trying to Daryl (Norman Reedus) to come home from Parisin France. And Rick & Michonneon Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) e Michonne (Danai Gurira) who find their way to each other.

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