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The war against Covid now seems to have been won, in the province of Lecco the “arsenals” can be closed and the weapons used to face the pandemic can be laid down. The vast majority of Lecco people have in fact been vaccinated and there is no longer a need to keep the mass vaccination hubs open. After the Palataurus of Lecco, Tuesday is the result of the lockout of both the center of the Cazzaniga Area and the Merate hospital. “The vaccination center of the Manzoni hospital will remain active”, explains Anna Maria Grossi, head of the press office of Asst in Lecco on behalf of the leaders of public health in Lecco. Almost 38,000 doses of the vaccine were injected at the municipal hub of the Cazzaniga Area: a thousand first doses, more than 2,000 second doses, almost 35,000 third reinforcement injections and even a dozen fourth doses for frail subjects. In the hospital at San Leopoldo Mandic, more than 16 thousand were administered: 5 thousand first doses, as many second doses and 6 thousand third administrations.

In the center of the Cazzaniga Area, mainly adults were vaccinated: 7,500 between 50 and 59 of age, 7 thousand between 40 and 49 and 5,500 between 20 and 29. In the hospital, on the other hand, there was a full house for over 12s, with almost 8 thousand children and youngsters between eight and 12 years old vaccinated. From the full house in December, January and partly February, in March doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers who took care of the vaccination campaign were almost unemployed: in some days practically no one showed up. The province of Lecco remains the most vaccinated in Italy: 290 thousand Lecco, representing 88% of the people to be vaccinated, received at least two doses, 225 thousand, which is 68%, including the third booster. Parlasco, Premana, Cortenova, Erve, Vercurago, Merate, Dolzago and Suello are the most immunized countries, with more than 70% of citizens receiving three doses. In Lecco, on the other hand, 87% of the population was vaccinated with two doses and 67% also with the third booster. There are about forty positive patients admitted, only one in intensive care in Lecco. Last year the hospitalized for SarCoV2 were 263, 18 in intensive care. On the “battlefield” since the beginning of the emergency, however, 1,088 victims died from the Coronavirus and 63,340 infected “wounded” remained, which are 20% of the Lecco residents. The only front that seems to be still open is that for Ukrainian refugees from war welcomed in the province, many of whom must be vaccinated. Daniele De Salvo

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