The war in Ukraine would mean a blockade of Nord Stream 2

“If there really was a war, I find it unimaginable that this pipeline could still be put into operation,” said Roettgen in an interview with journalists from the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland group.

In an interview published on December 6, the politician added that “what has already been granted a permit should not be subject to sanctions.”

“Unfortunately, Germany itself has made it take 50 percent of its natural gas from Russia in the meantime,” Roettgen noted.

NATO will not fight Putin

In the opinion of the CDU politician, an armed reaction of the North Atlantic Alliance in the event of a possible entry of Russian troops into Ukraine is ruled out. – NATO will not be at war with Putin. Putin knows it. But he also needs to know that what we can do in return could hit his country hard. We do not want to isolate Russia. But if there is a war, there will be very serious economic sanctions against the entire regime, he announced.

At the same time, Roettgen spoke out against rearming Ukraine in front of the Federal Republic of Germany. This was the attitude of Angela Merkel’s cabinet. – I do not expect a different position from the new government – declared the candidate for the head of the German Christian Democrats.

Suspended Nord Stream certification

In November, the German regulator Bundesnetzagentur suspended the certification of Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The entity justified the decision by the fact that the company is registered in Switzerland and the operator should operate in accordance with German law. Nord Stream 2 AG has already decided that it will not change the form of its activity, but intends to establish a subsidiary company operating under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

As announced, the “daughter company” is to become the owner and operator of the Nord Stream 2 section, located in German territorial waters. The certification process has been suspended until the most important project assets and human resources have been transferred to a new entity.

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