The Weeknd and Ariana Grande have released their music video for Save Your Tears! This version is even better

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears
Author: Youtube / The Weeknd

Save Your Tears is one of The Weeknd’s greatest recent hits. The musician has a hand for catchy songs and on each album he places songs that will stay on the charts for months to come. Now, more than six months after the original version was released. The Weeknd released a remix of Save Your Tears with Ariana Grande.

This is not the first time Ariana Grande and The Weeknd join forces. The musicians loved all over the world already entered the studio together in 2014, when they recorded a song together Love Me Harder. After seven years, they started working together again, this time creating a remix of the hit The Weeknda Save Your Tears.

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Save Your Tears was a huge hit in recent months. In February The Weeknd he sang at Super Bowl 2021 and the song, of course, was among the songs he sang, arousing great enthusiasm from the fans. It’s been six months since the premiere of the song, so the star rightly decided that the fans deserved a surprise – from the bullet days, the star announced the premiere of the remix Save Your Tears With Ariana Grande.

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The Weeknd and Ariana Grande in Save Your Tears

As expected Ariana Grande she coped with the task brilliantly. What’s more – some commenters believe that Save Your Tears is the first remix that actually sounds even better than the original track! Admittedly, velvety voices Ariany Grande and The Weeknda they fit together perfectly here.

On the occasion of cooperation with Ariana Grande by Save Your Tears The Weeknd released a new music video for the song – this time animated.

Look and listen!

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