The Weeknd announces the last featuring of his career

A news that already has its share of theories…

An amazing announcement. As her “After Hours til Dawn Tour” continues, The Weeknd surprised his fans. In concert in Prague this Sunday, the Canadian artist spoke in front of his audience between two songs: “I think this might be the last feature I’ll do in my career.he admits. I just wanted to let you know”. Even if it hasn’t been released, the track he’s talking about isn’t new.

Entitled “Another One Of Me”, it is a collaboration with the rapper French Montana, which is already a few years old. No release date has been revealed, but the “Blinding Lights” singer’s audience now knows that this is likely the last time they’ll hear their artist’s voice. preferred alongside another artist. His latest collaboration? “K-POP”, the first single from the latest album by Travis Scott“Utopia”, which also features the Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny.

A news which, barely announced, already has its share of theories on social networks.

His last featuring as The Weeknd?

Last May, while promoting his series “The Idol” with Lily Rose Deppthe singer announced in an interview for W magazine that he wanted to end The Weeknd. “I’m going through a cathartic time right now. I’m coming to a place and a time where I’m ready to close the chapter The Weeknd, he admits. Thus, some fans think that his title with French Montana would then be the last featuring of the career of his current alias. “I will continue to make music, maybe as Abel, maybe as The Weekndhe continues. But I still want to destroy The Weeknd. And I will. One day or another. I’m really trying to get rid of this skin and be reborn”.

A theory that would take on its full meaning, if the Canadian returns under another name or simply under his real first name: Abel Tesfaye. After “After Hours” and “Dawn FM”, he is currently in preparation for what will probably be his last album under this pseudonym. “Inasmuch as The WeekndI said everything I wanted to say”he concludes.

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