The Weeknd gives up, releasing a single with Selena Gomez


Recently, The Weeknd has recorded a song to the name you Like Better in the American Society of Composers (ASCAP), a fact that has made the fans extremely looking forward, and considering the ease with which the music has been made for the of artist: – Selena Gomez.

However, the answer, apparently, is not to be discovered any time soon, after all, according to E! News, and information about the hit they were deletas on the website of ASCAP, that is, the chance of the music being released is at a minimum.

The reason for this to be done? No one really knows the exact answer, but one can imagine that the artist him-or a singer, it would have fired their lawyers, to find out the name of the song.

As well as the Like, Better, so many followers, it is suspected that the Weeknd may have made in homage to the song Heartless, which was launched on Wednesday (27), and, in the words of it comes from the disappointments of love.

“Why is that? Because I don’t have my heart/ And I’ll be back to my ways because I don’t have the heart / All that money, and the pain left me without a heart”, he sings it in the chorus.

In other words, the singer sings: “I Lost my heart and on my mind and I always Try to do the right thing/ I Thought I’d lost you this time/ You’ve come back into my life.”

What’s wrong with you, as well as both of the songs???

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