The well-known rally driver Leszek K. was arrested. He was supposed to be active in a criminal group

According to the prosecutor’s office, members of the group used intra-EU regulations to purchase luxury cars: they were purchased abroad or at authorized car dealerships in Poland.

The cars were then placed on the domestic market using regulations that allowed their actual value to be reduced by VAT and excise duties, informs the prosecutor’s office in a press release. For this purpose, bogus companies, registered both in Poland and abroad, were established.

A total of six people were detained in Krakow and Warsaw, including the leader. All of them were charged with participation in a criminal group, the object of which were crimes of a penal and fiscal nature, against documents and money laundering. They face up to 15 years in prison for the alleged acts.

These people were active in 2015-2016 in Kraków, Warsaw and other localities throughout the country. The prosecutor’s office informed that the criminal group had managed to defraud the State Treasury by hiding from it receivables amounting to approximately PLN 3 million.

Leszek K. is a titled rally driver, he was a four-time Polish champion, and for several seasons he also raced in WRC rallies.

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