The WhatsApp trick that your boyfriend doesn’t want you to know

WhatsApp became one of the main means to learn about couples’ secrets. Many of those who use the application do so to talk to their boyfriends or girlfriends, but also to communicate with other people.

The messages or calls that someone can make, will not always be liked by all couples. Well, sometimes jealousy can arise or in that way find out about infidelities.

Now the application has brought to light several tricks and updates that have left thousands with their mouths open. The last one that was known is one that will not let a record of what you do.

Well, the update just added by the App will allow you to completely delete the call log. This option was not activated before on cell phones.


The activation option is easy. You just have to go to the upper right of the calls section. Then you must press the options button and voila. There you will get: delete the call log, choose it and then the desired will happen.

Some users of the social network hated the option by believing that it will be more difficult to know when their partners talk to other people.

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