The white coat by Angelina Jolie Winter Fashion 2023

Beautiful and talented, capable of entertaining from the big to the small screen, the life of one of the most loved and followed actresses in the world is never static, boring or peaceful, but always full of both work and family commitments and often making them coincide it’s easy. With a recent separation behind her, the constant rumors about the new flames of the ex Brad Pitt and the new projects work in progress, Angelina Jolie in a beige coat she finally manages to pause the frenzy of her life to devote precious time to herself, indulging in a quiet meal, an exclusive moment to be spent in peaceful and harmonious solitude: a luxury that is difficult for her to obtain (bizarre, isn’t it?). Headed to one of Los Angeles’ most beloved vegan restaurants, Crossroads Kitchen, Angelina Jolie wear a relaxed and cocoon look, a long wrap coat soft and warm. With an oversized fit and long sleeves, this garment has particular side slits. Delicately closed at the waist by a knotted belt, it reveals the elegant trousers in a darker shade which, very long, culminate on the pair of sober flesh-coloured décolletées. To complete this soft-look her long and soft hair in cocoa nuances, some minimal jewels and an apparently absent make-up look, with a soap and water effect.

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In this period the Hollywood star is preparing to work on a new biopic: the reconstruction of the biography of a character who really existed, in this case Maria Callas, famous soprano and great American actress, considered the most important woman in opera. It is a film directed by director and film producer Pablo Larraín Matte, who also worked on the film Spencer dedicated to the touching story of Lady Diana, released in 2021 starring Kristen Stewart, managing to excite anyone. This solo role will allow ad Angelina Jolie to put yourself in the shoes of a woman who is the protagonist of her own life (a very similar trait, capable of bringing them together). Not a comedy, but a story as beautiful as it is tragic about the last periods of life spent in Paris in the 70s. Angelina he communicates that he is very excited to be able to play this role: “I take the responsibility of narrating Maria’s life and legacy very seriously. I will give everything I can to meet the challenge”, and we all know that what we will see on the screens will be an impeccable interpretation with the unparalleled touch of Angelina Jolie.

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