The white dress of Angelina Jolie very sad

Angelina Jolie’s longest love story is not about a husband, a boyfriend, not even her precious children. No. Angie’s definitive love story is with white, the non-color, the purest of the prism, ethereal and eternal, the founding pillar of her style evolutions. Declined in N fabrics and shapes, variegated, milky or creamy, it is the identification of Angelina. And the blinding collection of white dresses from her wardrobe seems to never end, enriching herself with a new piece, Angelina Jolie’s white criss-cross dress. Perpetually midi length – the actress’s favorite -, impalpable cotton, styling in balance between Valentino’s braided slipper and thick pullover (against Los Angeles air conditioning?), The candid wrap dress writes and updates the new style chapter of Angie. And her battles.

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But more than anything else, the white dress for Angelina Jolie is the maximum comfort, her manifesto of mirrored sincerity, the armor that protects her from the evolutions of life. In the last period the news about Angelina Jolie social ramifications have thickened, from viral videos in Rome with her daughter Shiloh, admission to the University of Zahara, but above all the grueling battle in court with ex-husband Brad Pitt. According to a reconstruction by PageSix, the fallout of the Brangelina divorce, after six years, is still not under control: in addition to the extra cause for the sale of the shares in the Miraval castle, it seems that the custody of the children who are still minors (Zahara, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox), which Brad Pitt scored 50/50. But a subsequent internal investigation revealed business ties between the custody judge and Pitt’s attorneys, so all had to be redone. According to some sources, Angie has no intention of granting joint custody of the minors of the house, she is ready to fight until the younger ones, the twins, are ready to fight until the age of majority, the twins, in the certainty that the boys and girls do not really want to be with Brad . And pending the next legal disputes, she wears her favorite / protective color of hers.

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