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Climate change is increasingly evident. Not only desertification, agriculture in crisis, melting of the ice. According to a recent study published by Nature, global warming could cause up to 15,000 new viruses to emerge and spread. Undoubtedly this too has allowed us to arrive at numerous climate agreements unprecedented in history.

Climate change could create viruses

According to a study published on April 28 by the prestigious journal Nature, there would be at least 10 thousand species of viruses that can infect humans. Currently, the vast majority of them circulate silently in wild mammals. Unfortunately, however, climate change will cause massive migrations that will lead to the sharing of the same areas between humans and wildlife.

This will inevitably lead, especially in the poorest countries and in the tropical area, to facilitate it spillover zoonotic, or the natural process by which an animal pathogen evolves and infects humans. A process that in the study saw a simulation leading to the year 2070 and where, as seen recently, bats were the protagonists of the transmission. All of this it would be avoidable if the global temperature were kept below 1.5 degrees until the end of the centuryas required by the Paris climate agreements.

Climate agreements: the whole world in the same direction

Demonstration against the overcoming of 1.5 degrees of global warming by the end of the century.

Big Tech sign climate agreements

As we have seen, in addition to environmental changes, our own health will also be increasingly at risk from global warming. This led some of the largest and most important technology companies in the world to an unprecedented agreement. In the last weeks, Google, A half, Shopify And Stripe announced an investment of $ 925 million carbon removal over the next eight years.

Basically, the new company of Stripe, Frontier, would play the role of intermediary between those who pay to offset their CO2 emissions and suppliers. In essence, technically it is a Advance Market Commitment (AMC), a binding contract that should allow the development of a new market which allows you to develop technologies for carbon dioxide capture. The role of Frontier it could be decisive in the development of technologies aimed at removing carbon, guaranteeing its future demand thanks also to its guarantees provided to both entrepreneurs and investors.

Even the stars sign climate agreements

In a society like the current one, theexample green of stars, creators of fashions. Even many famous people have now given priority to sustainable rather than economic deals. One of the most committed against climate change is undoubtedly Leonardo Di Caprio who recently invested in Mosa Meat (in vitro meat) e Beyond Meat (vegetable meat). The actor then has tweeted that eating this meat once a week would have the effect of eliminating 12 million cars from the roads.

There are countless other climate agreements that have signed famous people around the world. There are those who promote shoes made of seaweed, such as Jason Momoa, and those who only wear makeup with low environmental impact cosmetics, such as Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson. There are rappers who organize fully compostable catering at their concerts, who they collaborate with American Express to make credit cards from microplastics collected from the oceans or those who promote totally biodegradable sunglasses, such as the champion of Superbowl Tom Brady.

In Italy zero CO2 agro-food products

Italy also does not lag behind and is preparing to create the first zero-emission agricultural district in Europe. Puglia, hit in recent years by the Xylella fastidiosa which has decimated the olive trees, is ready to be reborn from these ashes. “It is a large and unique project, which has the ambition to put on the market certified zero-emission agro-food products, thanks to offsetting emissions, for example through reforestation.” says Riccardo Valentini, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2007 and member of theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

This Apulian green laboratory will be possible thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Agricultural Policies of 50 million euros initial. Currently 65 companies are involved, but they are destined to grow soon to enable certification “Zero emissions” of all food products from Salento. A great breakthrough that could be the first European example of the sector. The climate agreements show a clear direction that is now taken by everyone internationally to save our planet.

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