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CR7, whose last world image will remain the desperate crying in the tunnel, alone. Suarez, from gunslinger (incorrect) to bench. Kane and Lukaku, who begin to fear their best is behind them. Here is the cycle of winners of the World Cup in Qatar

DOHA (QATAR) – For a Leo Messi who in his last match in a World Cup lifts the Cup that has always been awaited, there a cycle of losers worthy of Giovanni Verga. Because the World Cup, which should be a celebration of joy and youth, has never been like this time the appointment with the sporting death of great champions; which always represents the omen of the real death.

Unlike Neymarwho will be 34 in 2026 and his last chance, Cristiano Ronaldo did not congratulate his lifelong rival via social media, Leo Messi.

The last world image of CR7 will remain his desperate crying in the tunnel
between the lawn and the changing rooms, alone, without a Macron – last night on the verge of stalking with Mbapp – to try to console him.

A sad football old age, that of Ronaldo. Extraordinary champion, still incredible balance sheet; but the succession of traumatic separations – Real Madrid, Juve, United, now the national team – seems to mirror his narcissism. If Messi has won the Cup, it is because he has known how to become the leader of a community.

Splendid instead the farewell of Luke Modric, at 37 still capable of being indignant – for no reason – with the referee Orsato, but above all of being moved on the field and kissing the bronze medal. The captain who takes his small nation to the final in Moscow and to third place in Doha, also applauded by his opponents, must have no regrets.

Less serene the greeting of Luis Suarez. From Pistolero to bench player. Very strong but incorrect center forward, from bitten Chiellini garlic fake Italian exams.

It made us more sad the face hollowed out by indio di Edinson Cavani: Uruguayan coach Alonso tried to put him in, but the Matador never saw her; and in the end it seemed the uselessly sweaty mask of impotence.

The Polish captain took his leave with the penalty to France – the goal of the flag Robert Lewandowski34 years old, a World Cup for the rest to forget.

He’s 36 Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper-symbol of Germany: skiing to forget the Qatari disappointment; fell in fresh snow, broke his right tibia; season over.

They will have another chance Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku. But both go for thirty. AND they begin to feel that sensation that sooner or later catches everyone: the idea that the best is behind them, and that less time remains than that already burned. Recovering from the missed penalty against France, and from the sensational errors in front of goal against Croatia, will not be easy for the English or Belgian centre-forward.

The pain of the vanquished appears exacerbated compared to the past. The generation of great Swedes who played and lost the 1958 final at home was at the farewell step: Gunnar Nordahl was 37, Gunnar Gren 38, Niels Liedholm 36. I score immediately, then we close in defense said the Baron at the beginning match with teammates. He signaled at once; but then the Brazilians poked five. The vintage images portray virile handshakes, shirts exchanged, a serene atmosphere.

The opposite of the macabre climate that reigned in the French locker room, with Deschamps in tears who unlike Mbapp let himself be embraced by Macron.

Kylian turns twenty-four tomorrow, the number one in the world, but in football the cycles are not eternal; after the defeat on penalties in 2006 by Italy, France took years to recover, at the World Cup in South Africa they scored just one goal.

There will be no Usa-Canada-Mexico Olivier Giroud: his wonderful World Cup adventure ended with a premature substitution and an angry gesture. got worse at Karim Benzemawho turns 35 today: scandals, injuries and a difficult relationship with his teammates have taken away two finals from him.

(Then, next to sporting death, there is the death of sportsmen. Suffering, illness; because pain also affects strong bodies and souls like theirs. In recent days we have experienced an emotional short circuit. The aggravation of Pel and of Vialli. The disappearance of a beloved champion like Sinisa Mihajlovic and of a great sports man like Mario Sconcerti. The emotion with which the enthusiasts experienced this ups and downs of feelings was very intense, and it comforted both those who struggle with evil and those who mourn a loss. Great champions, like old soldiers, never die; vanish).

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