The Witcher

Netflix has defined as a simple mistake the release date of The Witcher series recently emerged online.

Netflix said a simple mistake the launch date of The Witcher series emerged a few days ago online. In this case, the error originated from Netflix itself, ie from its Dutch division, which is a post had indicated December 17, 2019, as launch day. The post has been removed, but the information has obviously continued to run.

We read the official Netflix note on the issue, released on the VideogameChronicle website: ” The launch date of The Witcher has not yet been confirmed. The post was published by Netflix accounts was written by mistake by the Dutch division and not all information that contained are confirmed or definitive. ”

Not bad, one might say because The Witcher series remains confirmed for 2019. Hard to say if he can make it for a date before December 17, but it must be said that from there to the end of the year there are few useful days to launch it, considering also the Christmas holidays.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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