The Witches, plot and characters of the film with Anne Hathaway

Land Academy Award-winning actresses Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer are the protagonists of Witches, 2020 film directed by Robert Zemeckis and on the air tonight about 9.45pm on Channel 5. At the center of plotthe story of a grandmother and a grandson forced to defend themselves from the attacks of a handful of ruthless witches.

Witchesthe plot

In the late 60s, after the death of his parents in a car accident in Chicago, the young man Charlie Hansen (Jahzir Bruno) moves in with his maternal grandmother Agatha (Octavia Spencer) in Alabama. The woman dedicates herself completely to her nephew, in order to help him overcome the trauma.

The challenge is tough, Charlie struggles to recover and then Agatha decides to try other ways. He tries with music and food, but when he realizes that nothing will fix it, he decides to face it openly. He explains to him that life is unpredictable and that it must be accepted as it is. After that gives him a mouse named Gigia and, little by little, it seems that the boy is on the mend.

Restored family serenity, grandmother and granddaughter are targeted by a witch, which puts a curse on the grandmother. The following day Charlie meets the same witch at the supermarket. Upset, he reports everything to Agatha and thus discovers the existence of witches, evil beings who hate children. He also tells him that as a child she witnessed the transformation of a friend of hers in hen just by a witch.

Octavia Spencer plays Agatha, Charlie’s grandmother. (Warner Bros.)

Charlie and the Great Witch Supreme

Once it is established that they are in danger, they flee and reach a luxury hotel thanks to the pass of the chef (Phillip Spall)grandmother’s cousin. They choose the hotel because it is frequented by white peopleto which the witches pay no attention as they are aware that the disappearance of a white child would cause a large sounding board.

Unfortunately, the case takes its toll on us. A group of women arrives in the hall, all witches, including the one from the supermarket, or the Supreme Great Witch (Anne Hathaway). An evil woman and responsible in the past for the transformation of the little girl into a hen.

Despite the black soul, he knows how to dose his charm and manages to circumvent the hotel manager, Mt . RJ Stringer ||| (Stanley Tucci). Meanwhile Agatha warns her nephew, revealing to him that under the beautiful and seductive appearance of witches, another image is hidden. They are bald, wearing wigs, and have huge mouths and noses, which they hide under layers of makeup.

Anne Hathaway plays the Great Witch Supreme. (Warner Bros.)

The ending of Witches

The stay continues and Charlie befriends Bruno Jenkins (Codie-Lei Eastick). One day he sneaks into a conference room to play with Gigia and finds the witches stripped of their appearance. There Supreme Grand Witch floats in the air and scolds her colleagues for the results achieved so far. So he incinerates a witch who has impertinently placed himself and finally explains the plan to eliminate children from the planet.

It will be enough to open a pastry shop and serve sweets poisoned with a magic potion, which turns children into mice. At that juncture, Bruno enters the room, another potential victim to whom the witch has recently given a chocolate containing the dangerous mix. Realizing what is happening, the little mouse intervenes and it turns out that it is a little girl named Mary, the victim of a curse from the witches.

Unfortunately Giga can’t do much except save Brunowhich in turn, discovered by the witches, is transformed by them into a mouse. It’s the beginning of a battle to the last potion, starring the grandmother – with the complicity of the director – and the witches. In fact, Agatha knows some of the secrets of spells and tries to stem the wickedness of the Great Supreme Witch and her associates. What does the grand reserve the final? Will the grandmother be able to defeat the power of the witches and save her nephew and Bruno?

The other characters in the cast

Witches came out in 2020, after a long gestation. The first time there was talk of the film dates back to 2008 and it was thought that it would become an animated film, directed by Guillermo del Toro. Ten years later, the project finally sees the light under the guidance of Robert Zemeckis.

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In addition to the actors galready mentioned, complete the cast Charles Edwards and Morgana Robinsonas Bruno’s parents. Josette Simon, Eugenia Caruso, Ana-Maria Maskell, Orla O’Rourke and Penny Lisleinstead, they interpret respectively the four witches Consuella, Esmeralda, Saoirse and Lindsay. In the end, Simon Manyonda is in the shoes of a chef, while Brian Bovell plays Reginald.


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