The Wolf of Wall Street, it was Margot Robbie who insisted on the full nude: that’s why

The Wolf of Wall Street represented an amazing springboard for the career of Margot Robbie, who would soon become one of the most requested and appreciated actresses in Hollywood today: a film, that of Scorsese, during which Robbie starred in some of the sexiest sequences of his career.

Unforgettable, in this sense, is what remains to this daysingle full nude of the star of The Suicide Squad: nude which, in fact, it was not even Scorsese’s intention to shoot, but which was inserted in the script precisely by the will of a Margot Robbie convinced that it would have helped the rendering of the character.

Naomi’s point is that her body is the only currency she can count on in this world… She has to be naked. She must lay her cards on the tablewere the words of Margot Robbie to about. Bringing home the scene, however, was not a very simple task from a psychological point of view: Robbie downed three shots of tequila before posing for the camera, and at first he preferred to lie to family and friends, explaining to them that the nude would be achieved through CGI.

A strong choice, but which undoubtedly helped to outline the ruthlessness of the character from the very first minutes on-screen Naomi Lapaglia. To find out more, however, here you will find our review of The Wolf of Wall Street.

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