The woman did something special in the store. Now her parents are looking for her – o2

On the “Spotted: Świdnik – NEW” group on Facebook, the boy’s parents asked for help in finding the woman who saved their only child. “We and my husband would like to thank the lady who, a few days ago, saved our son in one of the local shops, who choked on the jelly, started to choke and turned blue” – describe the parents.

My son is fine. You are our angel. You fell from heaven literally driving to this store. Thank you for the words of support you gave me as a mother from my mother – we read in the post.


Parents want to pay back

As it turned out, the woman who saved the boy is a paramedic by profession. “You told me not to go to any media because you did what she had to do as a lifeguard,” wrote the child’s mother.

We wanted to find you in order to repay you. You lifeguards in modern times are underappreciated. So though we’d like to appreciate it. Your profession is unique, you are rescuers not only during working hours, but also outside of it – emphasize the parents of the rescued boy.

Parents suspect that the woman is also from Świdnik. They hope that thanks to social media and the help of Internet users, they will be able to find the heroine.


“When we returned home and the emotions subsided, my husband said that he saw you at a match in Świdnica or Avia, he could not play, but he thinks so. That is why we asked Spotted Świdnik to share this post, because we assumed that you may be from Świdnik. If you are reading this post, please contact us via Spotted “- the boy’s parents are appealing.

The lady saved our only child. Had it not been for your little son could have suffocated, my husband and I were terrified. We will forever have outstanding respect for rescuers. Greetings, our son made a card for you, we wish you all the best and we hope that you will contact us – we read in the post.

Hundreds of internet users shared their parents’ post. They also share their experiences in the comments.


I can guess what the parents experienced. My 10-month-old baby choked on a piece of cutlet. I admire the rescuers for their nerves, composure and skills – we read on Facebook.

This is one moment when all those years at school, hospitals, internships, courses, all these unpleasant comments, this sad money, this struggle with the system and gray days at work, all this somehow balances in the smile of such a kid and his parents – wrote the Internet user.

I have always written this and will write it – remember the paramedics are our angels! – emphasizes another internet user.


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