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In The Woman King (WATCH THE TRAILER), released last weekend in US theaters, Viola Davis plays General Nanisca, who in 1823 led an all-female legion known as Agojie in the Kingdom of Dahomey.

In an interview with Varietythe actress replied to criticisms of those who argue that the film is historically inaccurate as it does not deal with the involvement of the region (located within present-day Benin) in the slave trade. Here are his words:

First of all, I agree with Gina Prince-Bythewood’s statement [regista del film]: You don’t win a Twitter thread. We entered history when the kingdom was in crisis, at a crossroads. They were trying to find a way to keep their civilization and kingdom alive. Only at the end of the 1800s were they decimated. Most of the story is fictional. It must be.

Davis’ husband and co-producer of The Woman KingJulius Tennon, adds:

Today we are in what we call “edu-tainment” [unione di “education” e “entertainment”]. It’s history, but we have to take licenses. We have to entertain people. If we just told a history lesson, which we could very well do, it would be a documentary. Unfortunately, people wouldn’t be in theaters doing the same things we saw this weekend. We didn’t want to avoid the truth. The story is huge and there are truths about it. If people want to know more, they can investigate more.

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