The woman lost her husband and job in a pandemic. Kim Kardashian supported her

The pandemic turned the whole world upside down. Ordinary people felt it much more. The stars, locked in their villas, simply had a vacation. However, many people have lost their jobs and even a roof over their heads. One woman became a single mother. She was supported by Kim Kardashian!

The pandemic has sparked a global crisis. First of all, a lot of people lost their lives and health. Although this is the most serious, it is unfortunately not the only unpleasant effect. We were all at home during the lockdown. That is, shopping, visits to cafes, cinemas or a hairdresser. Many people who ran their small businesses simply ended up with no income. The situation looks very bad in the US, where the support from the state is not too much. Lots of people lost their livelihoods!

It was completely different with the stars. These locked themselves in their luxurious villas. Having a private tennis court, swimming pool, cinema, SPA and no one knows what else, it was certainly easier for them to endure the lockdown.

Kim Kardashian became famous by organizing an international trip for family and friends in the midst of a pandemic to celebrate her birthday. Now trying to fix the image?


Old photos of Kim Kardashian on Instagram. What a styling!

Kim Kardashian supported a single mother

Angelia Cantrell has been cruelly affected by the pandemic. The woman lost her husband. She was left alone with her daughter and triplets. Due to their poor financial situation, they were threatened with eviction. The woman asked for help in an online fundraiser.

This one went to Kim Kardashian. The celebrity donated $ 3,000. Such a donation from a billionaire account does not seem generous. But Angela Cantrell changed her life!

I shared my GoFundMe link with several celebrities, including Supernatural TV stars like Alaina Huffman and Lisa Berry who also made donations by simply asking them to share. During this difficult period of my life, I prayed every day and kept my faith all the time. When I received the donation, I had the last hours to collect the money and pay the landlord to avoid eviction. Words cannot describe how blessed and thankful we are. It was one of the greatest miracles God has ever worked so far.

The woman, touched by Kim Kardashian’s gesture, wrote.

Kim Kardashian caused outrage among animal lovers. The reason for this purse!

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