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Sassuolo Juventus Women: summary, slow motion, result, scoreboard and live report of the match valid for the women’s Serie A

Juventus Women slams into the Sassuolo and the woods (three total), the usual goal is not enough Baby walkers. Head now to the return leg of the Champions League preliminaries with Koge.

Sassuolo Juventus Women 1-1: summary and slow motion

10 ′ Study phase – No opportunity for now, Juve keeps the ball and Sassuolo is waiting compactly

15 ‘Walker Shooting – Attempt to finish round that goes off very far from the door of Kresche

19 ‘Pedersen shot – Sponda di Cernoia on the development of a lineout. The Dane looks for the left-handed counterbalance, interesting but on the bottom

21 ‘Goal Girelli – Corner of Cernoia on the far post where she is free to hit the black and white ram all alone, which she crushes into the net with her head

29 ‘Rosucci shot – Conclusion from the outside, svirgolata, at the end of a good action by the bianconere

35 ‘Pedersen Cross – Head-off again from a corner. Kresche reflex rising on the crossbar. The Danish close to scoring even on the next corner

41 ‘Girelli Traverse – Punishment brushstroke on the second post that slams into the high post. Then Duljan’s attempt not to frame the mirror

55 ‘Beerensteyn tries – Personal initiative on the left, in the end it is Kresche who blocks her way

57 ‘Girelli Punishment – Less precise and more distant than the previous one. The balloon does not go down enough

62 ′ Clelland dangerous – Run away to the right and then put in a ball halfway between a shot and a cross that cannot be useful for the teammates

63 ′ Gol Philtjens – Salvai sacrifices himself on the conclusion of Clelland who then serves Monterubbiano. The substitute puts in for Philtjens who anticipates everyone and puts in

72 ‘Free kick Cernoia – She tries to screw the left-handed but the ball does not go down

74 ‘Salvai closing – Juve risks, put in by Sassuolo on the counterattack. Decisive Salvai to block Bragonzi launched at the net at the time of the conclusion

78 ‘Cernoia expelled – Do it from behind on Monterubbiano launched on the counterattack. Slightly high foot punished by the referee, direct red

90 ‘Free kick Boattin – It goes directly to the goal from an off-center position. Full pole! Third upright for the bianconere with Kresche immobile

90 + 1 ‘Expelled Bragonzi – Clearly behind on Zamanian, direct red

Player of the match Juventus Women: Salvai REPORT CARDS

Sassuolo Juventus Women 11: result and scoreboard

Networks: 21Girelli, 63 ‘Philtjens

SASSUOLO (3-5-2): Kresche; Pleidrup, Filangeri, Dongus; Philtjens, Bellucci, Jane, Nagy, Mella (46 ‘Monterubbiano); Clelland (75 ′ Nowak), Popadinova (72 ′ Bragonzi). Annex Rainy. Available. Lonni, Goldoni, Moraca, Brignoli, Realista, Tudisco.

JUVENTUS WOMEN (4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin; Lundorf, Salvai, Sembrant (80 ‘Lenzini), Nilden (65’ Boattin); Rosucci, Pedersen (65 ‘Zamanian), Cernoia; Duljan (75 ′ Bonfantini), Girelli (65 ′ Cantore), Beerensteyn. Annex Montemurro. Available. April, Gama, Cantor, Grosso, Archangels.

Referee: Nicolini (Brescia)

Ammonite: 45 ′ Mella, 55 ′ Popadinova, 90 + 5 ′ Bonfantini

Expelled: 78 ′ Cernoia, 90 + 1 ′ Bragonzi

Sassuolo Juventus Women: the pre match

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