THE WORD AND THE TALES. 16 writers read the parables of the Gospels

“The Word and the stories. 16 writers read the parables of the Gospels” (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2022)

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by Helena Molinari

A book as precious as the “story” is always precious.
A book that is given, to be given as a gift.
Writing a lot in a little is always a great challenge for a writer.
At least it is for me.
And this is why I address so much modesty and esteem to poets, storytellers, farmers, artisans, spirituals, mothers, children because in them there is still presence and the need for breaks.
Of pauses, of silences that accompany words and gestures.

In my own way I try to exercise the muscle of evocation here in Literature too, hoping to do a good service to the reader and in a few lines you get to want to read more.

Here I would say that each of these sixteen contained stories, written by illustrious “colleagues” certainly invites you to read more about them, but above all to re-read the gospels, the parables from which they drew and took inspiration.
I won’t dwell on one or more stories in particular so as not to do wrong to any of the parts that make up this volume and because they all deserve time and reflection.
However, for the purpose of a better understanding of the value of this courageous book (my sincere congratulations to the publisher) I quote a passage from the story of my friend Cinzia Leone and who, referring to yeast… writes as follows:

“The secret of bread was all in that whitish mush capable of transforming inert ingredients into a miracle.
– Is it the baby food that does the magic? I asked every time.
– It is not magic, it is a transformation – …”

Well this book is demonstration of transformation.
You can feel the yeast.
Two useful and I would even say necessary conclusions can be drawn:

– the parables are always and for everyone and they are beautiful!
– what in technical terms we would call “lectio” or the meditated reading of the sacred; embodied and translated into our daily and intimate life even if it were to survive, it is an exercise of roots and leaves that we should reappropriate.
An unexpectedly fruitful way to stop even for those who openly do not believe in life or do not speak the language of evangelists or psalmists.

A book in its own right “between heaven and earth”
A book that I would recommend to newlyweds, seminarians and monks.

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The book description: “The Word and the stories. 16 writers read the parables of the Gospels” (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2022)

An original anthology of unpublished stories, written specifically for this book edited by Donne Chiesa Mondo, the female insert of L’Osservatore romano: sixteen of the best-known Italian writers let themselves be inspired by as many parables in the Gospels, writing a story from them inspired. A book that shows the universal strength of the Bible, a text capable of intercepting the questions of meaning from believers and non-believers. Authors: Ubah Cristina Ali Farah; Viola Ardone; Ritanna Armenians; Camilla Baresani; Maria Grazia Calandrone; Emanuela Canepa; Antonella Cilento; Cinzia Leone; Tea Ranno; Evelina Santangelo; Alessandra Sarchi; Igiaba Scego; Carola Susani; Elena Stancanelli; Nadia Terranova; Mariapia Veladiano.

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