The word that Meloni forgets, super Piantedosi and Razzi: so, today …

Joe Biden he misses the name of the British Prime Minister, who is of Indian descent. Had a conservative done it, they would have already hanged him in the public square.

Matteo Piantedosi, the new Minister of the Interior, after making the first move against the two NGO ships Ocean Viking and Humanity 1 (“not in line with European standards”), immediately places another one. He says he is ready to declare a “landing ban” for NGOs. His principle is simple, but effective: if a ship flies the flag of a foreign country, that state must take care of the migrants. Quite right

– The dirtiest man in the world is dead. He hadn’t washed for 60 years. It seems to me that it lasted beyond all expectations

– Maybe it’s not very clear to you. But truncheon a student is not injured majesty. If he tries to prevent a public or private debate, if he aims to cross a red zone or a police cordon, the use of the truncheon is not only legitimate. That’s right too

– I heard the podcast of Annalisa Cuzzocrea de The print which, among all the things said yesterday by Meloni, remarked “the batons” reached the students of Sapienza. They are not the prerogative of this government, you more or less said. But then you recalled that there was a center-right government when the Diaz slaughter took place in Genoa. As if to say: okay, the police always beat, but when the Right is in power they beat harder. They didn’t seem very scandalized when the agents forcibly moved the Trieste no passes from the port. This double standard has the same effect on me as the fake lunch in Gubbio

Bowl, in saying he is against increasing the flat tax ceiling to 100 thousand, he points out that the self-employed with that figure “earn much more than employees with the same turnover”. Yes, that’s right. And it is precisely the reason why you have to do the flat tax: because the self-employed have one thing that employees do not know: business risk. Small example: with the arrival of Covid, most of the employees continued to collect their salaries. Bars, restaurants, small VAT numbers, however, are not. And if they don’t “earn more” in the fat moments, then they get screwed in the lean ones.

– Doors of the M5S closed for Luigi Di Maio and the so-called dimaiani? Conte replies: “Of course, also because what they do, they deny the denial? Two denials lead to nothing positive ”. Do not mention it

Di Maio meanwhile, he disappears from social networks, and his site is also offline. Are we starting to worry about him?

– The words of Putin worry. Not so much those against Italy from Moscow, which seem trifles to me. But the fact that we are close to a world conflict. These are testing the nuclear bombs: gentlemen, let’s try to think a little?

– Say the students of the Collective Change Route of the Wisdom: “We will discuss what has happened and continue to build a real opposition to the fascists and the interests they represent”.

– The conference of University Actionhas explained Wisdom, “had been duly authorized” and “given the particular vehemence of the protests of a group of people intending to enter the classroom to interrupt the conference, the manager of the service set up by the Rome Police Headquarters decided to intervene to ensure collective security”. Is it clear to you how things went? The right holds an organized conference, the left tries “vehemently” to interrupt it and the police get in the way. Result: batons, as normal

– Have any of you, instead of blathering about batons, ever wondered why every event organized by a right-wing association requires the deployment of police vans? Because on the other side, on the left, the real fascists, they always try to prevent it, to contest, to scream theirs. Small suggestion: let them do the conferences in peace, go to the library to study: it is the best way not to get beaten on the head

– The former senator Antonio Razzi: “I would also go and speak to Putin and Zelensky. If the government gives me a job as a mediator, I would go right away. Putin knows me, why make a war? I would not make war absolutely because I am a man of peace ”. Mediator rockets in Ukraine. Marvelous. Or maybe the third world war is assured

Giorgia Meloni finally mentions the regasification plant, but not that of Piombino. He talks about Gioia Tauro, which must be unlocked but has nothing to do with it. For the rest, all is well: good to resume drilling, good to attack certain ideological environmentalism. But dear Giorgia, in your speech to the Chamber and then to the Senate only one word was missing (and missing): Piombino. Shall we? Are you going to tell your mayor Ferrari not to resort to the TAR? We look forward to it

– Barbara Floridia, head of the M5S group, talks about Meloni’s “grammar”, that is the choice to use “the” or “the” president. Good. And while she does it she uses the word “whimsy”, which does not exist. Other than “grammar”

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