The world premiere of the movie “Nie czas się de dye”. Daniel Craig poses in pink, and Ana de Armas like a Bond girl straight from the screen

On October 28, the premiere of the 25th part of the James Bond film series, “Don’t Time to Die”, took place. Initially, it was planned for April 2020, but production was postponed many times due to the pandemic. In the end, the fans of agent 007 lived to see and in a few days the film will hit the big screens (in Poland it will be on October 1). And how did the stars of “Don’t Time to Die” look like on the red carpet?

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The world premiere of the movie “Nie Czasać”. Daniel Craig poses in pink, and Ana de Armas like a Bond girl straight from the screen

The ceremonial premiere took place in the famous London concert hall, Royal Albert Hal. The film’s biggest stars showed up at the event, including Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas and Léa Seydoux. It was hard to take your eyes off some of them!

Ania KozińskaHanna Lis’s daughter poses on the balcony with a cigarette in her hand. She covered her bust with her hand

We can’t start with anyone but James Bond himself. Daniel Craig did not disappoint and presented himself as befits an agent of Her Majesty. The actor opted for a dirty pink jacket, a black bow tie, suit trousers and elegant shoes. He also took care of an expensive watch.

Daniel CraigDaniel Craig Photo Matt Dunham / AP Photo

Lopez, AffleckLove in New York. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck captured on a walk together

In the film, Ana de Armas played the role of Paloma, who is a brave, young agent who uses weapons perfectly. At the premiere of “Nie Czas dyać” she was equally delighted! The actress put on a satin dress with a very deep neckline and a slit up to the thigh. The delicate make-up emphasized her natural beauty.

Ana de ArmasAna de Armas AP

Billie Eilish also shone on the red carpet, which as usual attracted attention with its styling. The singer recorded a song promoting “No Time To Die” of the same name. You can find all the photos from the red carpet in our gallery.

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